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Why a Juice Cleanse?  


Detoxify. Juice cleansing helps aid the body's natural detoxification while flooding your system with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and nutrients from organic produce.  

Give your liver and digestive system a rest.  The nutrients from the juices are absorbed mostly through the intestines.   The gut doesn't have to work over time to digest fiber, processed junk, toxic foods, gluten, and saturated fats.  

Kick your bad habits.  Take control of your sugar, caffeine, or gluten addictions.   Once you eliminate these things  from your diet, you will see how it feels when YOU are in control of what you put into your body.  

Lose Weight.  You will lose water weight as well as weight from fat.  This is possible by consuming less calories while getting enough nutrients.   A juice cleanse is a great way to start a new lifestyle (not just a diet).  Your awareness of what you put into your body will become more keen.  Why not put the things in that make you feel the best?

Aid in your body's cellular restoration. Eliminating things that cause inflammation and free radicals to allow your cells to work at their optimal capacity.  

And last but not least, Feel better!    

Ready to press the restart button?  We offer 3, and 5 day cleanses.  Cleanses can be customized to fit your personal health goals.  Our basic cleanses include 5 of our cold pressed organic juices along with one house made nut milk.  The juices are vitamin and nutrient rich so you will be getting plenty of nourishment while detoxifying your body.  To get the most out of your cleanse, we recommend that you cut out caffeine, gluten, dairy, meat, and alcohol for minimum of 3 days before your start day. ​

Start the day with some warm lemon and cayenne (optional) water.  The juices will be numbered 1-6.  You can follow the order of the numbers drinking one every two hours or you can drink half of one and half of another one every two hours.  Drink as much water, green tea, or herbal tea as you like. Feel free to warm the golden milk up for a nice cozy night cap.  Listen to your body.  If you have energy out the wazoo, do something active.  If you are feeling sluggish, rest up.  If you feel like you are going to eat your arm off, have some raw veggies, fruit or nuts. 

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Strong Cleanse

2 Green Detox, 2 Urban Remedy, Revitalize, Blue Magic Milk or Golden Milk per day

Rainbow Cleanse

Up Beet, Immune Boost, Citrus Elixir, Green Detox, Black Magic Lemonade, Blue Magic Milk or Golden Milk per day



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